Employer Profile - present your company even better in the job market!

Ensure a successful representation of your company in the job market by creating an Employer Profile on MojPosao portal, which serves as your personal ID in the job market and provides:

  • display of information about your company, all current open job positions and PR articles that you publish on MojPosao
  • creating a genuine impression of your corporate culture posting photos, video materials and experiences of your employees
  • placement for positioning link to your corporate website and links to social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) for potential candidates to find even more information about your company
  • highlighting the benefits you offer to your employees
  • additional emphasis on the labor market, thereby strengthening your Employer Branding
  • highlighting your company’s logo in the Employer Profile section to further enhance your visibility

Employer Profile price: 131 € + VAT for 12 months.

For more information, contact us at +385 1 6065 275 or via e-mail kontakt@moj-posao.net.


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